IBAN accounts for everyone with a passport.

We believe everyone who has a passport has a right to transact and move value globally, this is why we would like to offer a service to make these people bankable!

Freelancer, residing in an emerging market? Individual who wants to save in hard currency? Daytrader who wants to move funds between traditional and digital markets? Merchant willing to accept visa/mastercard payments but failing to secure a relationship with an acquirer? Investor who wants to move capital between digital and traditional assets? Or just a bored-with-operational-fees person?

We got you covered!

Individual wealth management infrastructure

Wealth management infrastructure

Product #1

Securities, bonds
Brokerage account
Crypto currency exchange

Product #2

OTC trading
Acquiring Visa/MC payments
IBAN for settlements

Product #3

Salary, Contributuion from clients
Counterparty payments
IBAN for payments

Tired of multinational payroll management? We will issue personal cards for your team* managed from one corporate account!

Virtual cards ready for ApplePay are also available.

Product #4

Corporate IBAN

* Every person needs to pass selfie verification via dedicated link


We do all the setup and negotiations with compliance on your behalf. Just need a copy of your passport and in ~10 days will send you the debit card while banking details will come in a couple of days.
All accounts are opened in your name and you are given all the credentials which you can change... passwords etc.

Product #1


EU IBAN + Mastercard

1000 euro

Product #2

Crypto traders, Acquiring

EU IBAN crypto friendly + ability to accept visa/mastercard

1000 euro

Product #3


Brokerage account + Cryptoexchange account

1000 euro

Product #4


Payroll cards

from 100 euro

per card account

Limited time offer - 2 000 euro for full set of accounts in your name.


What people say about us

Just wnated to report that I have product #2 and all works as it should. Thanks and see you around.


Fantastic! This has been a pleasure, truly. I appreciate your help.


Very good job! Thanks a lot.


Thank you for the service so far.


Really great treatment. Incredible professional and great job.


I have ordered all 4 products and found the service truly professional and efficient.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why so expensive?

A: You can pay setup cost and enjoy zero operational costs or pay very little at the start and end up paying much more in operational fees later. With our solution, there is a capacity to it so we prefer to offer a fee-less experience later but charging a setup cost.

Q: Do you really open accounts to anybody with a passport?

A: Yes, except for sanctioned countries.

Q: How can you be trusted?

A: You only pay when the account is open, we confirm banking details and send you the picture of the card you can instantly use.

Q: Do you work with corporates too?

A:Yes, mostly for payroll product. For a corporate IBAN reach out using the form below to get the quote for your case. We accept the following jurisdictions: EU/EEA, Israel, Turkey, UAE, Singapore, HK.

Q: Any additional documents required?

A: For a product #1 it's a passport, for product #2 it's a passport and a selfie verification (link provided separately) for product #3 it's the source of wealth document which proves you have the capital to trade/invest

Q: Can I transact with USD or other currencies?

A: Product #1 is a multi-currency account although we do not recommend using anything but EURO. Just because.

Q:: Could you tell me which country\bank name\website you do it and I will do everything myself?

A: The relationship we established with these counterparties are the core of our account opening process. I insist that through us it will be more efficient and productive. At the end of the day the client needs to move value without the hassle and this is exactly what our bundled product 1+2+3 offers.

Q: In which locations you can deliver the debit card ?

A: Anywhere where DHL works

Q: What are the settlement Terms for a merchant account that processes cards?

A: Same day! No rolling reserves!

Q: Are these accounts reportable by CRS?

A: Institutions will not report to your country of residence.

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